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Aluminium Company in Bangladesh | Manufacturing Point

August 9, 2018
aluminium company in bangladesh

There are total 7 (seven) Aluminium Company in Bangladesh with 8 (eight) Brands, who have manufacturing points. Aluminium brands: “Chung Hua”, “BTA”, “KAI”, “Aramit”, “Nikki”, “Altech”, “Alco” and “PHP” have their Manufacturing points in Chittagong and  Dhaka Division. In Bangladesh, all of the aluminium sections come from those points. And then manufacturers distribute to all of the sales points of Bangladesh by. Later, dealers sell the aluminium profiles to the customers.

Aluminium manufacturing point in Bangladesh | Time overview

First of all, there was no aluminium manufacturer in Bangladesh before 90’s. Importing form abroad was the solution to meet The entire demand for aluminium. Mostly from Thailand. For that reason yet the common name of Aluminium profile to Bangladeshi people is ”Thai Aluminium”.

  • In 1997, Fu Wang Aluminium Industry Ltd. first introduced the aluminium industry in Bangladesh. They establishing the first manufacturing point. In the year 2003 it changed its name as “Chung Hua Aluminium Industry Ltd.” and a collaboration of Bangladeshi entrepreneurs, it transformed into Chinese-Bangla joint venture company.
  • Dhaka Thai Ltd (Brand name: Alco) established their company in 1997 while they start producing in 2004.
  • Aramit Thai Aluminium Ltd. started production finally from 2002
  • Afterward, Bangladesh Thai Aluminium Ltd. starts producing in 2003, while it formed during the 90s.
  • KAI Aluminium Bangladesh started their production in 2002, and furthermore they established their new brand ‘Altech’
  • Nikki Thai Aluminium Ind. Ltd initiated their journey with manufacturing in 2006.
  • PHP group declared their new concern PHP Aluminium in 2012 with some manufacturing.

The necessity of Manufacturing point for Aluminium Company in Bangladesh

Each and every aluminium company in Bangladesh have their own manufacturing point. While establishing manufacturing points they considered these points in order to easily manage labor, manufacturing cost, storage capacity, and transportation. Similarly can speed up the production process while ensuring smooth operation with quality. Furthermore, all the companies have advanced modern manufacturing plant, a number of qualified expert personnel to ensure the standard of quality. Finally, a combination of manpower from different sector to perform the production-related works including

washing,  cutting,  packaging,  storing and many more.

Due to rapid urbanization in a developing country like Bangladesh, it is not easy to provide the huge demand of aluminium section every day while it is increasing very fast. These manufacturing points are working with their dedication to a better development of Bangladesh.

Aluminium Company in Bangladesh | Manufacturing Point Location

  1. Chung Hua Aluminium Industry Ltd.” pointed their manufacturing location in Gazipur district of Dhaka Division.
  2. Bangladesh Thai Aluminium Ltd.” established their point of manufacturing at Haritakilata, Kaliakoir in Gazipur district, Dhaka Division.
  3. Nikki Thai Aluminium Ind. Ltd.” is manufacturing aluminium profiles from the point at Kewa, Sreepur in Gazipur of Dhaka Division.
  4. Altech and KAI aluminium are from “KAI group”. And their manufacturing point is located at Tongi in Gazipur of Dhaka Division
  5. Alco aluminium is the brand name of “Dhaka Thai Ltd.” and located at Buripara, East Norshinghpur, Ashulia, Savar District, Dhaka.
  6. “Aramit Thai Aluminium Limited” manufactures from Kalurghat Heavy Industrial Estate, Chittagong Division.
  7. PHP aluminium is from “PHP Family” having their manufacturing point at Khulshi, Chittagong Division.

The raw material for Aluminium Company in Bangladesh

Various aluminium profiles are manufactured in those points. Raw aluminium or aluminium ingots are the main raw material for production. For manufacturing aluminium profiles, first of all, the raw material is needed and the manufacturer collects the raw

aluminium company in bangladesh. manufacturing point

Raw aluminium in various shapes for manufacturing

material from outside of Bangladesh. Because here in Bangladesh we have no source for that. Mainly the raw material comes from

     China        and             Africa

Finally, the process flow of manufacturing points depends on below sections.

  • Imported Homogenized Billet
  • Extrusion Plant
  • Anodization Plant
  • Quality Control

Imported Homogenized Billet is the raw aluminium that imported from abroad. Also, it is the main material for production or manufacturing aluminium profiles.

Extrusion Plant of Aluminium Company in Bangladesh

The billets are processed in the Extrusion Plant and are given the desired shape with dimension.

inside of a manufacturing point of aluminium company in Bangladesh

Inside of the aluminium manufacturing point

This shaped aluminium is treated as aluminium sections / profiles, even more, each shape has it’s own name identity given by the aluminium company in Bangladesh.

Anodization Plant

This profile has the basic color of aluminium. In order to get expected color, this profile is sent to the Anodization Plant and after anodization, finally, the profile gets their color such as

Silver         Bronze        Metalic           Wooden

Quality Control of Aluminium Company in Bangladesh

Therefore, Quality Control performs their task and consequently assures quality before sending to their sales point. Due to ensure the best quality control performs below tasks.

  • First of all, they check smoothness.
  • Due to nice looking, they check the color.
  • Even more, they check the length
  • Likewise other they check the thickness

Consequently checking these together makes the best quality product.

Thanking you: Mohammad Refat Mahmud Rubel


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