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Aluminium Profiles in Bangladesh | Usage Variation

August 16, 2018
aluminium profiles in bangladesh

As we know there are 7 (seven) manufacturer for Aluminium Profiles in Bangladesh. In order to categorize aluminium profiles, we can sort them by their usage variation.  The major categories might be listed as below.

  1. Casement Window profile
  2. Swing Door profile
  3. Louvre profile
  4. Spandrel profile
  5. Curtain wall profile
  6. Signboard profile
  7. Showcase & cabinet, tower bolt & hinge profile
  8. Furniture profile
  9. Automobile profile
  10. Railway profile
  11. Electrical profile
  12. Ceiling tee, curtain rail & vertical blind and flat bar profile
  13. Round tubes, square box, rectangular box profile
  14. Angles & flange profile
  15. 3″ inch fixed profile
  16. 4″ inch fixed profile
  17. 3″ inch Sliding profile
  18. 4″ inch sliding profile

FAQ on the usage variation of Aluminium Profiles in Bangladesh

What are the most used Aluminium Profiles?

3″ inch fixed profile, 3″ inch sliding profile, 4″ inch sliding profile and 4″ inch fixed profiles are the most used Aluminium Profiles in Bangladesh. Because each project has doors and windows and these profiles are the solution for them.

Can I choose any specific color for Aluminium Profiles?

Yes, you can. But from the colors available for the profiles. Generally available colors are below.

Silver      Bronze      Metalic      Wooden

Are all the aluminium profiles the same? from all manufacturer?

The common aluminium profiles are similar from all the aluminium profile manufacturer to look at. While the quality can vary from different manufacturer. Rather than thickness and the color anodization process is the basic difference. And for the reason, some profiles shine more than another manufacturer. Furthermore, the lasting period of smoothness also vary.

Can aluminium profiles from different manufacturer be used together?

If someone wants to use the aluminium profiles from multiple manufacturers in one project. Or in the same work. He can use but the work finishing will not be of good quality.Because of the aluminium profiles vary through price, so if someone wants to reduce the cost; then he have to consult with an experienced fabricator. Only the experienced fabricator can do the mixing so that the workout seems similar at first look.

Which Aluminium Profiles are used for outer fabrication?

Now without glass work, we cannot imagine a commercial place. For doing so first of all Aluminium Profiles are must. Without Aluminium profiles, it’s almost very difficult to make outer glass fabrication work. In order to do outer glass fabrication curtain wall aluminium profiles are the solution.

Can I use Aluminium Profiles for electrical works?

Yes, you can use the Electrical Aluminium Profile to do so. Furthermore, you can use it for inner electrical wiring.

aluminium profiles in bangladesh

Usage Variation of Aluminium Profiles

What are the uses of Angles & Flange profile?

Angles & Flange profiles are mainly used for joining two or more profiles together. In order to give a proper shape to a workout, joining is needed. Likewise making a square box or making a window rectangular this profile is perfect. This profile also needs for a better finishing to a door or window. While joining multiple aluminium profiles on demand of a workout this profile is best.

Which furniture can I make with aluminium profiles?

Any furniture that you want to make, for both interior and exterior use. With Aluminium profiles, the following types of furniture will be more attractive rather than other material.

Chair     Table     Show case     Divan     Wall rack     Kitchen cabinet etc.

Can I make my own signboard for display using aluminium profile?

Definitely, you can and can do better rather than using other material. While using this profile gives your signboard a long lasting guarantee with long survival in bad weather.

Which Aluminium profile I should use for doors?

First of all, decide which type of door you want.

Swing Door      or       Sliding Door

For Swing door choose swing door profile from the aluminium profiles in Bangladesh. Similarly, choose 3 inch or 4 inch sliding profiles for sliding doors. Furthermore, for windows, you can choose the same profiles with an exception for fixed windows.

Is it necessary to know all aluminium profiles for a personal workout?

No, you need not. Because basic knowledge will help to take the decision. Finally, the fabricators or the display centers will do the rest.

aluminium profiles in bangladesh

Usage Variation of Aluminium profiles in Bangladesh

How long will last aluminium profile workout?

Generally, aluminium profile workout lasts for a decade at least. If properly taken care of then 2 or 3 decades can pass easily. Sometimes it may require to change some accessories or the glass (in case of broken glass), beside this a good quality profile have a good duration.

From where I can collect aluminium profiles?

From the display centers of aluminium profiles, you can collect necessary profiles. Furthermore, you can choose your brand by just visiting the zones.

Feel free to asking more or putting suggestion related to aluminium profiles.


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