On-Page SEO Techniques | How to Avoid Mistakes Easily

February 18, 2020
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On-Page SEO Techniques are very important for websites. In addition, on-page can skyrocket your ranking. Without SEO ranking on the web is impossible. Moreover, without SEO, a website is just a  book written in invisible ink. In addition, search engine optimized websites can be a good source of income. Even more, SEO helps to build your brand.

Due to ranking On-page SEO is one of the major parts of SEO.

At a glance, SEO types

  • Traditional SEO : Methods for ranking high on the page#1 of SERP focusing on STK (1 to 2 words).
  • and Local SEO : Works for optimizing websites to rank better for a local audience.

         Traditional SEO 2 types

  • Organic SEO : The methods of high ranking on page 1 without paying search engines.
  • Paid SEO : The paid method of page 1 ranking

        Organic SEO’s major sections are

  1. On-Page SEO : it’s the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher
  2. Off-Page SEO techniques are to improving the position of a web site in the SERPs
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SEO Types

Though we know that search engines change their algorithms frequently; so to be on top we need to know the basic rules. First of all, for knowing the rules we should read How Search Engines Work by Google.  Furthermore, this will help to avoid mistakes easily while doing on-page SEO. Therefore it will increase the knowledge level.

Important Points of On-Page SEO Techniques

  • Keyword Prominence
  • Content / article
    • Length
    • Quality
    • Uniqueness
  • Title
    • Character length
    • Pixel
    • Analyzer score
  • URL
    • Length
    • Pixel
  • Images
    • Optimization
      • Image name
      • Size
      • alt TAG
      • GeoTag
      • Setting all relevant properties
    • Infographic
    • GIF animation
    • Uniqueness
  • Meta Description
  • Heading Tags

Brief of On-Page Techniques

Keyword Prominence: In SEO it refers to the placement of keywords in posts or pages. Moreover, it helps a lot to gain better ranking. The best practice of KW placements are

  • In Title
  • In Url
  • Within the first 100 words of the beginning paragraph

Content/article: First of all, content is the king of the web. Moreover, good and unique content gains a higher ranking. Therefore below points helps for content optimizing

  • Length: At least 1890 words for good content has gone away. Now 800+ words article can be ranked easily in 2020
  • Quality: Make sure that your content is really informative. Also, make sure of excessive words.
  • Uniqueness: Make sure that your content is really unique. Furthermore, stop copying or rewriting.

Note: for quality writing, you can use Yoast plugins for WordPress sites. For uniqueness checking use Copyscape.

Title: Title should be without ellipsis. Therefore you must consider below points to avoid this silly mistake

  • Character length: First of all keep the length within 55 characters (max 60)
  • Pixel: Always keep it between 320 to 430 score
  • Analyzer scoreTry to keep this score more than 70

If possible use power words in your title.

URL : 

  • Length: keep it within 65 characters
  • Pixel: use maximum of 460 score

First of all, use short & meaningful url. In addition, Avoid ugly url structure.

Image Optimization Brief

Images are the queen of the web. So always pay more attention to avoid mistakes. And try to get the best benefit by optimizing your images. During optimizing images focus on

  • Image name: rename images like ( root domain name- KW-title)
  • Size: try to keep the size between 55 kb
  • alt TAG: While uploading use KW-title as alt TAG.
  • GeoTag: For local use geo TAGs. 
  • Setting all relevant properties: try to set the marked properties of imageson page image seo techniques
  • Infographic: Instead of normal images focus on infographics.

If possible use GIF animation

Meta Description: Likewise url this part is also very important for on-page optimization. First of all the audience gets the brief of your page or post. Moreover, it gives a rich snippet view. Therefore consider below points while optimizing meta tag

  • Place keyword in it
  • Keep the length between 140 to 155 characters

Heading Tags:  Use H1 , H2 & H3 Tags very carefully & wisely. Because bots pay attention to these three tags more. Finally, if we can consider the above matters then we can easily avoid almost all the mistakes of on-page SEO techniques. So, as an SEO strategist keep in mind while setting up the SEO Strategy

  • first of all, KW prominence
  • then image optimization and
  • finally heading tags are the keys for success on-page optimizationon page seo optimization techniques summary


Mind it, On-Page SEO gives a higher ranking for particular websites; but, for mass traffic, you must do off-Page SEO.





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