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Thai Aluminium company in Bangladesh | Aluminium Fabricator

August 16, 2018
Thai Aluminium company in Bangladesh Fabricator

Basically, fabrication beautifies the inner and outer lookings. Moreover, it gives comfort. Aluminium Fabricators choose the Thai Aluminium Company in Bangladesh for the source of Aluminium Profiles. In order to do some aluminium fabrication work one must hire aluminium fabricator.

FAQ about Thai Aluminium Fabricator

Who are the fabricators?

Generally, the owner of the display centers are the fabricators. Rather than display ceneters here in Bangladesh we find some small aluminium shops, that also provide fabrication support.

Where to find them?

In order to find fabricators for a good quality & complete project work, just visit a standard aluminium profile display center. Similarly, for simple & little fabrication works, local small retail aluminium profile shops are perfect.

Does the Thai Aluminium company in Bangladesh provide fabrication service?

In case of a multistoried commercial building, some Thai Aluminium Company in Bangladesh provides fabrication service. This is a kind of premium service for corporate works, rather than retail. In order to avail of this premium service, one must have a big project. Furthermore, one or two good expert worker to look after the whole fabrication work. For this reason, premium service is not suitable for the general client. Because a general client’s requirement is one or two apartment house or a residential house. Rather than the big projects, the manufacturing companies do not engage in such small projects. However, all manufacturing companies do no provide fabrication service, only a few provide.

Kai Aluminium Industries Ltd. & Altech Aluminium provides fabrication service.

Therefore other companies like “Chung Hua Aluminium Industries Ltd.”; “Nikki Thai Aluminium Industry Ltd.” and others are not providing any type of fabrication support. Maybe in future, they will also provide support with aluminium fabrication.

How does the fabricator perform the fabrication?

Likewise other fabricators the fabricators of Thai Aluminium Company in Bangladesh; first makes a visit on site. In order to determine the fabrication work type, they do so. While the common work types are.

Fixed     Sliding    Curtain wall     Curtain rail     Door

Window     Casement   Cabinet or some mixed type.

Thai Aluminium Company in Bangladesh

Thai Aluminium Fabrication Workout process

Also, some client asks for some special customized work for outer & inner with a specific design. While visiting a fabricator follows some standard workflow.

  • Note down the work types.
  • Analyze the height & length.
  • Choose & measure required aluminium profiles.
  • Also list down & collect required accessories with hardware.
  • Assign the right person for the fabrication work
  • Overall ensuring product transportation on site on time

Finally, doing all the tasks workers start the fabrication process. Moreover, the time duration depends on the project size to complete. While completing the fabrication, fabricator makes a final wash; and polish the aluminium profiles from the Thai aluminium company in Bangladesh. This process is must, in order to remove the unwanted stains occurred during work. Moreover, it makes the work beautiful to look at.

What is the cost for aluminium fabrication work?

So, if we say that the total aluminium fabrication area is A sft; aluminium profile price is P; accessories & hardware price is H and labor cost is L; then the pricing is A = P + H + L. In addition, we can calculate the unit price just calculating (P + H + L) / A.  The price will vary depends on the manufacturing thai aluminium company in Bangladesh. Moreover the accessories & hardware quality will affect the price.

Basically, the total cost for aluminium fabrication work depends on three points.

  • Origin of Thai Aluminium Profiles
  • Labor cost
  • Quantity and Quality of accessories & hardware
thai aluminium company in Bangladesh fabrication accessories

Accessories & Hardware used with aluminium profiles for fabrication

How to choose aluminium fabricator from Thai Aluminium Company in Bangladesh?

In order to choose the best Thai aluminium fabricator one should consider the points

  • How long they are doing the aluminium fabrication work
  • How many projects they have done successfully
  • Visit one or two completed projects
  • Examine the aluminium profile thickness with their support
  • Observe their technical skill
  • Make a market survey by visiting the zones before making the agreement final


If you find this article useful then you can comment below for further assistance or drop suggestions to enrich it.



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