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August 15, 2018
thai aluminium company of bangladesh

Each Thai Aluminium Company of Bangladesh has their own manufacturing point. They also have a distribution process for all display center. Bangladesh is not a small village. And for a company, it is not possible to place display centers all over the country. Similarly, it is also not possible for buyers to collect profiles from the manufacturing point. In order to resolve this, manufacturing companies selected some people as their representative. The representatives are called dealers.

Zonal Display centers for Thai Aluminium Company of Bangladesh

The Dealers established display center all over the country. We can sort display centers location for Thai Aluminium Company of Bangladesh by zones. First of all, we can sort the zones by major districts like:

  • Dhaka
  • Chittagong
  • Khulna
  • Rajshahi &
  • Sylhet

Dhaka Zone can be sorted by some sub-zones as

♦Banani to ChairmanBari & Mohakhali (besides new Airport Highway)      ♦Abdullahpur, Uttara

♦Islampur      ♦Gazipur      ♦Savar      ♦Jatrabari      ♦Faridpur      ♦Keranigonj

Sub-zones of Khulna

♦Khan a sabur road      ♦Station Road      ♦Jessore      ♦Jhenidah      ♦Barisal (now Barisal Division)

Chittagong sub-zones

♦Bahddarhat      ♦Kazir Dawri      ♦Agrabad      ♦Nasirabad      ♦Panchlaish      ♦Cox’s Bazar      ♦Comilla

Rajshahi sub-zones

♦Seroil station road      ♦Amtoli, sadar road      ♦Bogra      ♦Natore

Sylhet sub-zones

♦Kumarpara      ♦Upashahr      ♦Purbo Bandar Bazar      ♦Sreemangal      ♦Hobigonj

Above zones are the main locations of Thai Aluminium Display Centers. While visiting a zone buyer get a freedom to choose the manufacturing company. And thus can compare quality, profile thickness, price, and others. Similarly can choose color, length, full piece or cut piece and transportation method. While using Aluminium Profiles, one also need some other materials. And they are treated as Accessories. These display centers are also the provider of accessories. Likewise other, these display center for Thai Aluminium Company of Bangladesh gives support for buyers to fulfill their demand.

Display center requirement for Thai Aluminium Company of Bangladesh

A display center for Thai Aluminium Company of Bangladesh must fill some basic requirements

First of all enough Space for Aluminium Profiles and then

♣Skilled Manpower      ♣Transportation Vehicle      and  ♣Accessories Material

Space is a great factor for Aluminium Profile display center. Likewise, many other materials a small space cannot display aluminium profiles because of its length. The standard length of aluminum profile is 21(twenty-one) feet. So for smooth movement of the profiles display center must be 35 (thirty-five) feet long. For the reason of storage profiles with accessories, space must have 30 (thirty) feet width. So a minimum space requirement for a display center is 35 x 30 = 1050 sft (square feet).

Skilled Manpower

Skilled manpower is another must-have option to set up a display center for Thai Aluminium Company of Bangladesh. One or two people who have skill in cutting profiles and drilling profiles for screw fixing. Similarly familiar with the accessories required with profiles. Also can operate some types of machinery like bolt gun, Rivet gun, Glue gun, cutter, Silicon gun and some others. Without a proper management of these factors, a display center is difficult to run properly.

thai aluminium company of bangladesh

Cutting section of a Thai Aluminium display center

Skilled manpower is required for
  • Aluminium Profile storing
  • Aluminium Profile cutting
  • Loading & unloading Aluminium Profiles from store to vehicle & from vehicle to store
  • Accessories management
  • Aluminium Fabrication
  • Display center ledger maintenance
  • And cleaning the display center

Transportation Vehicle

Transportation vehicle is another important element for standard  Thai Aluminium Company of Bangladesh display center. Likewise, many other items Aluminium Profile also need some extra care during transportation. Due to this reason, we cannot carry profiles on public transport. Similarly, all buyers don’t have own transportation. So after buying, transportation is mandatory in order to carry them to the destination. And in most thus situation, the display center have to arrange the transportation vehicle. Furthermore, the vehicle is required to carry aluminium profiles from manufacturing point to store. And sometime from store to display center. Mini truck or pickup is suitable for display centers.

Related Accessories

Related accessories material & hardware plays a vital role in a  standard display center for Thai Aluminium Company of Bangladesh. For aluminium profile related works the required accessories are below.

Wheel    Mohiar   Rubber    Glue  Neoprin   Norton tape   Lubrican spray    Gaskets etc.

thai aluminium company of bangladesh display center

Required Accessories and Hardware used with Aluminium Profiles

And required hardware list.

Screw   Rivet   Bolt   Hinge   Silicon gun   Lock etc.

As the buyer wants to buy accessories & hardware from where he collects aluminium profiles. In order to solve this issue display centers keep them along with aluminium profiles to satisfy buyers. For that reason, some aluminium manufacturing companies are also manufacturing accessories. And trying to manufacture hardware also. They are also supplying them to aluminium profile display centers. Manufacturing companies are working in order to make the whole process smooth than before.

There are only a few display center, which deals with aluminium profiles of multiple companies. therefore each zone has display center for a specific brand. So by visiting a zone, one can choose the required profiles. if there were an online committee for aluminium profiles here, then it might be easier to get required items from anywhere of Bangladesh. Another solution is an online portal for aluminium  display center will improve the entire process.

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    Dear Person In-charge,
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    Appreciate for your kind advise.

    Md. Zakir Hossain

  • Reply Afaf Prince November 25, 2019 at 5:56 pm

    Ami afaf. Amar ekta project er jonne ekta aluminum bar and 5.55mm inner diameter ekta pipe lagbe. Ami mirpur 14 e thaki. Ase pase kothay pawa jabe? Janale okritoggo thakbo.

    • Reply Rubel November 29, 2019 at 2:41 pm

      You can look into any local aluminium profile shops. Best will be your nearest shop of any aluminium company

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    2020 2040 aluminium flange profile dorkar. kothay pete pari?

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